6 items that can help improve your office

Anything you do to improve the lives of your employees will spell greater productivity and happiness around the office. Living in the technology age makes it possible for you to purchase devices for your office that can lead to significant improvements to the way your employees function and to the way your business is done. The following are six must have items for your office that will have you and your employees wondering how you ever operated without them.

An Espresso Machine

Up and until now, the coffee around the office was abysmal. It was mostly instant, and it did not have enough kick to wake up a child. With a brand new espresso machine in the office, you and your employees will be able to face the day with a greater sense of wakefulness. Instead of everyone looking tired and sluggish in the morning, it will only take a few short minutes for you and your staff to gear up to hit the ground running at full steam.

External Battery Packs

Your employees may feel chained to their desks in the worse possible way. It is a common feeling in the modern computer age. By providing external battery packs to your employees, it will help them to be a little more mobile around the office. In fact, it might even be a good idea for them to take their laptop and work outside for about 15-minutes a day in the sun. Getting regular sunlight will help to improve their vitamin D levels and keep the flu rates down in your office. This one enhancement could significantly improve productivity around the office as a result.

Signal Boosters

You are trying to get your smartphone to work inside the office, and you find that, once again, the signal goes dead the moment you move slightly. It is an annoying problem that plagues many offices, but one that can be fixed by installing SureCall signal boosters. Whether you are trying to enhance the quality of your cellular or HD signals, a signal booster can make a huge difference in the quality and reliability of the signal being received inside your office.

A Quality Webcam

If you are a boss who is feeling disconnected from your employees, being shut up in your personal office most of the day, a quality webcam can help to change these feelings of disconnection. With a quality webcam, you will be able to monitor and be a part of office activities by remote. You might even finally catch who is drinking all the good coffee in the morning too.

Pneumatic Adjustable Desks

To keep your employees on their toes, nothing can help quite like a pneumatic adjustable desk. While employees get used to sitting down for hours on end, this sedentary style work situation is simply bad for their health. By installing pneumatic adjustable height desks, your employees can switch between sitting and standing at will. Not only can this help to improve their health, but it can also keep them more wakeful and improve their productivity too.

3D Printers

When time is of the essence, the last thing you want to be stuck doing is ordering a part that will not make it to your office for another two or even three weeks. This can significantly slow operations and productivity. If you had a high quality 3D printer and the digital designs for printing the parts you need, you would not need to wait for weeks on end every time you needed a part to complete an order or project. With a 3D printer, you could just print the parts you need on-site and be good to go in a much shorter amount of time than it would take to order the same part from a distributer.


Now that your office is enhanced with a few additional items it was not outfitted with before, you and your employees are feeling the enjoyment of possessing these must have items. Not only have they improved life around the office for everyone, but your employees are showing their appreciation by working harder than ever before. From their first cup of espresso in the morning to the pneumatic desk that helps them stay awake and alert during that late afternoon slump, you can clearly see that these must have products has made major improvements to your office and to the way your employees engage their work environment.

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