da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3in1 Wireless 3D Printer/ 3D Scanner/Upgradable Laser Engraver ~ 6” x 6” x 6” Built Volume (Fully Enclosed Design for PLA/Tough PLA/PETG/ Antibacterial PLA)

Compact and plug-and-play, the da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3-in-1 offers hassle-free versatility for beginners looking to make the move towards more advanced methods of prototyping. Its built-in laser scanning module and optional laser engraver add-on module fulfill the demand for 3D scanning and 3D printing all in one machine.

Product Features

  • Print Speed Upgrade: Max print speed up to 100mm/second. (XYZware software must be version V2.1.12.1 or above)
  • Innovative Auto-Calibration: This 3D printer utilizes a new 9-point calibration detection that adjusts the print bed level along the Z-axis. Just run the calibration test and watch the printer adjust itself!
  • The da Vinci Jr. 3in1 prints only with XYZprinting’s non-toxic PLA filament. The PLA filament derives from natural materials, such as sugarcane and corn starch, and has gone through various tests to ensure that it is DEHP-free and Heavy Metal-free.
  • UL listed “for the purpose of classification or evaluation with respect to one or more of the following: (1) specific risks only, e.g., casualty, fire or shock, (2) performance under specified conditions, (3) regulatory codes, (4) other standards, including international standards, or (5) such other conditions as UL may consider desirable.
  • Free XYZ 3D Resources: XYZmaker 3D Design Software, XYZ 3D Gallery, XYZprinting STEAM 3D Printing Education Curriculum, XYZware 3D Printing Software

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3 thoughts on “da Vinci Jr. 1.0 3in1 Wireless 3D Printer/ 3D Scanner/Upgradable Laser Engraver ~ 6” x 6” x 6” Built Volume (Fully Enclosed Design for PLA/Tough PLA/PETG/ Antibacterial PLA)”

  1. Poor software, poor customer support It starts with poor, photocopied instructions in the box (literally, just sheets of regular old paper stapled together – dated March 2016). The instructions have poor photos and use jargon/technical device terms that they just assume you understand. After struggling with the instructions for awhile, I just went to their website, and watched a 3 minute video that explained everything I’d spent the last hour trying to figure out. I wish they’d just put a card in the box ‘please go see our…

  2. Left over from the Great Flood? So I ordered this for my Wife’s birthday. She had been asking for one for a while now and after trying to figure out the best model for her and reading more reviews than a person should have to suffer through I settled on this model. It arrived and from the outside it appeared okay. Little did we know what lurked inside this carefully covered lie.Upon opening the outside box we discovered that the inside box, the one that it was packaged in, looked like it was sitting in a warehouse in…

  3. Great reliable and durable unit for beginners! We’ve had this unit for 6 months now and is running great. It is quite sturdy, reliable and very easy to use. Great for beginners wanting to learn how to print 3D objects. XYZ’s design software (XYZ Maker) its very basic and won’t let you create complex figures, however, since its so easy to use, it’s a great way to introduce 3D CAD design and printing. I’m dropping a star for have a very poor 3D scanner… all figures that we tried to scan end up with lots of “defects” (voids or…

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