Flashforge Finder Lite 3D Printers Removable Platform Build Volume (140 x 140 x 140 mm) Fully Enclosed,Touch Screen,3D Printer Houses,School (Yellow)

Flashforge Finder Lite 3D Printer is safe for child, home user, and educator.
●It only print with PLA.
●no heat plate.
●data transmission by SD card Easy operation for everyone.
● Simple built-in filament design, automatic alarm when filament use up
● Professional single extruder structure, avoid clog
● Assistance leveling Specifications

● Package Size: 505*500*525mm
● Finder Size: 420*420*420mm
● Resolution: 0.2mm
● Build Volume: 140*140*140mm
● Filament: PLA ,wood PLA,elastic PLA ,color change PLA
● File Format: STL, OBJ-> G file
● Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8, Mac OX
● Touch Screen: 3.5′, including 16 languages
● Software: Flashprint, Simplify 3D Basic Parameter
● Extruder: 1
● Technology: Fused Deposition Modeling
● Positioning Accuracy: Z Axis: 0. 0025mm, XY Axis: 0.011mm
● Printing Accuracy: 0.1mm
● Layer Thickness: 0.05-0.4mm
● Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
● Shaft Speed: 30-120mm/s
● Nozzle Flow Rate: 24cc/h
● Suggested Extruder Temp.: 220
● Suggested Platform Temp.: No heating plate

● 1*Finder 3D printer
● 16G SD card
● 50g PLA filament
● USB cable
● tools

Why choose us?
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○ 6*12 Hours Fast Response, Lifetime Professional Support
○ 90 Days Warranty for Extruder and 12 Months Warranty for Other Parts

Product Features

  • Slide-in build plate allows you to draw it out of the printer and then remove the finished 3D prints more easily. At same time, it can minimize damages or offsets to the build plate.
  • The patented nozzle structure has been upgraded several times and the wire is more even and smooth, which all improve the surface quality of model and lower risks of extruder jams.
  • Finder Lite features an intuitive calibration detection system to assist leveling. you’re well instructed with clear messages on the touchscreen display. And all of these make calibration much easier and more precise.
  • out of box,lower energy.A fun STEM educational experience in mechanical engineering and electronics.
  • Flashforge 3d pinrter Finder Lite has 12 months warranty, lifetime technical assistance and 24 hours professional customer service.

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3 thoughts on “Flashforge Finder Lite 3D Printers Removable Platform Build Volume (140 x 140 x 140 mm) Fully Enclosed,Touch Screen,3D Printer Houses,School (Yellow)”

  1. For the price- can’t beat it I have used the standard Flashforge Finder for a couple years, so I was curious what the new “Lite” version was like. So far I can only see 3 differences:1) Color options (I love the blue color much more than the original red).2) SD card only- no printing via thumb drive, USB cable, or WiFI. This does not bother me at all as I never used the WiFi or USB cable on the original Finder, and the SD card is just as easy as the thumb drive was.3) No internal memory – This…

  2. Within 25 minutes, up and printing! I’ve had two other printers for 4+ years from a company that recently went out of business and was in a pinch for my Maker Space classroom. I just need something reliable and easy for students to use. For less than $300, I was given just that and more with the Finder Lite from Flashforge 3D. I was able to unbox with one of my classes and walk through the super easy leveling process, load the filament and start printing. It is quiet, easy to operate…

  3. I bought this for my son for Christmas. He is 10 and very advanced with robotics, LEGOs, computers and such- way over my head. He has been asking for a 3D printer since he has one at school. He was super excited to get started- the 2 page directions are useless and contain several grammatical errors- so we tossed those and found some Youtube videos to help us. I didn’t want to invest a ton of money until I knew this was something my son was going to actually use. So you get what you pay…

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