How two of 3D printing's key players are bringing prosthetics to children

Two of engineering’s key players have joined forces with a young innovator to help get 3D printed prosthetics to children.

Major 3D printing player Stratasys has teamed with engineering group Dassault Syst̬mes and industry innovator Easton LaChappelle to form the new initiative Рdubbed Unlimited Tomorrow.

LaChappelle (pictured here with a young patient) has made the headlines in recent years for developing functional prosthetics since he was 14 – using Lego bricks, fishing wire and electrical tubing.

The new brand will make use of Stratasys’ capabilities in the research, development and production of prosthetics.

Traditional prosthetic models are often heavy, cumbersome and expensive. Developing them for children is also complicated, because many young patients will quickly outgrow models and thus require entirely new devices. Unlimited Tomorrow says its mission will be to target the ‘common pain points’ — customisation, weight and cost.

The organisation aims to build intuitive, scalable models to engineer custom devices from start to finish. Unlimited Tomorrow also taps into digital, scanning and 3D printing technologies to streamline development and reduce multiple fittings – minimising the impact to each patient.

“We view 3D printing as a catalyst for healthcare innovation to enable better patient care, streamline procedures, and improve learning. One of the most visible impacts is in creation of prosthetics. That’s why a main component of our Corporate Social Responsibility program is focused on accessibility of devices – driving true change, improving quality-of-life, and advancing recipients’ self-esteem,� said Arita Mattsoff, Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility at Stratasys.

The new organisation has chosen Indiegogo’s platform for current equity fundraising efforts. Jonathan Cohen, chief enterprise solutions officer at Indiegogo said: “We applaud Unlimited Tomorrow for their commitment to listen to the “crowdâ€� in crowdfunding for their latest innovation. Indiegogo’s Enterprise offering will allow Unlimited Tomorrow to capture interest and validation while receiving investment from consumers.â€�

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