JGAURORA 3d Printer A5 Full Metal Frame Large Print Volume 305X305X320mm Color Touch Screen Resume Print Filament Runs Out Detection 3d Printing Machine Home School Industry Use

Nozzle Quantity : 1
Layer thickness : 0.1-0.3mm
Filament Diameter:1.75mm
Build volume:305*305*320mm
Print speed:10-150mm/s
Nozzle diameter:0.4mm
Nozzle temp.:180~240’C
Hotbed temp.:room temp.~100’C
Machine size:536(length)*480(width)*543(height)mm
Machine weight:13.8KG
Packing size: 650*620*270mm
Packing weight:17kg

Package :
● 1xA5
● 1x Spool filament PLA (0.25KG)
● 1x Power Supply Cable
● 1x Tool box ( Hex Wrench Kit and testing filament)
● 1× USB disk (contains software, test sample files and operation manual)

Product Features

  • JGAURORA 3d printer A5 has large build size: 305*305*320mm (12*12*12.6in)
  • Filament RUN-OUT detection : The machine beeps when filament runs out to remind you to change new filament quickly
  • BDG Heated Platform: Allows easy removable of printed model and save masking tape.
  • Power Failure Protection: Resume print from where the last print was stopped due to power failure.
  • Better customer experience, high print accuracy and high speed with quiet working, suit for school and home.And most importantly ,we offer 12 months warranty and maintenance from the date of your purchase

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3 thoughts on “JGAURORA 3d Printer A5 Full Metal Frame Large Print Volume 305X305X320mm Color Touch Screen Resume Print Filament Runs Out Detection 3d Printing Machine Home School Industry Use”

  1. TLDR: This printer is AMAZING I first became interested in the JGAUROA line of 3D printers whilst scouring the internet for options that I thought would do well in a classroom setting. I had heard complaints from students and educators alike regarding the 3D printers they were currently using. Students had burned themselves on exposed parts, and educators were constantly having to fix pieces that had been intentionally or unintentionally broken by students. I wanted a 3D printer…

  2. This was the right choice for a newbie that wanted a good machine to start with After reading lots of reviews, watching many YouTube videos I had narrowed it down to 2 machines: JG Aurora A5 and the Creality 3D CR-10s. Very similar in many ways including build volume I went with the JG Aurora A5 for these reasons: better touch interface (easier navigation), the diamond glass build plate on the JG Aurora, the 24 volt heated plate on the A5 vs only a 12 volt heated plate on the CR-10, resume after power failure on the A5, smaller footprint and easier set-up on the A5. So…

  3. Mixed feelings about this printer. It’s not necessarily a bad printer, setup was super easy, was printing in 15 minutes, so that was a plus. The quality of the prints were good, and I didn’t have much issue there. The bed is nice, but I’d prefer that it wasn’t bonded to the aluminum heat plate so I could change it out with another if I felt like or needed to for certain types of material, also the fact that the leveling bolts are part of the heat bed and can’t be replaced is a bit annoying, my…

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