Panowin F1 3-Axis Self-Assembled 3D Printer Kit with Heated bed Kit

Panowin F1 3-Axis Self-Assembled 3D Printer Kit with Heated bed Kit

Product Features

  • Designed by experienced structural engineers and Comes complete with a simple manual and tool kit. Assemble your 3D printer all by yourself with only 10 steps.
  • The high efficient heat module can heat up the bed temperature from 10 to 50 centigrade within 35 seconds
  • The LED light in front can show the working and temperature condition clearly.
  • The Pango software is developed and updated by the most experienced software engineers, with a simple and friendly user interface.
  • All the common type project files (*.stl *.dae *.obj*.gcode *.pcode *.jpg *.bitmap) are supported

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3 thoughts on “Panowin F1 3-Axis Self-Assembled 3D Printer Kit with Heated bed Kit”

  1. A bit small but sturdy and accurate machine This is basically the TRINUS, I got this when the TRINUS was more expensive, then I got the accessories from Kodama (English LCD, TRINUS essential etc.)It is all metal all lead screws – I aligned the Z axis once – didn’t touch it since then. There is no need for leveling bed. Personally I do not use heated bed either. I replaced the print surface that is all. Print quality is par or better than printers 10x its price. But the print size if relatively small.My printer…

  2. Fantastic printer! — Best one I’ve owned! I love this printer. I’ve used a Dimension printer at work… so I wanted something at home. I tried QU-BD (A rotten thieving company), Sumpod (horrible), and BIBO (a great company with a nice printer).That being said, this is my absolute favorite 3D printer. It was easy to put together — the documentation was easy to follow (the exception being that I would have liked details on recommended places to put the cable ties for cable relief). The printer is smaller than I would…

  3. quiet machine assembled quite easily, supplied filament is not enough to do anything with and caused a jam, quick disassembly;y of the print head fixed the problem. very quiet machine! ****UPDATE****Double check ALL nuts and bolts! The filament feeding gear was flopping around inside the print head and uses a 1.5mm hex to tighten it. ended up breaking the nozzle fan when removing for the 1st time to tighten, heated printing plate comes loose after a few prints and removing the grip sticker…

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