Frankensbox fx-800 3D Printer, Wi-Fi, Compact, Quiet, Accurate, Plug and Play Simplicity, (Black)

Frankensbox: What will you CREATE 

Will it be beautiful? Will it be ugly? 

Creativity is not about perfection, it’s about imagination. Frankensbox connects your imagination to reality. 

Beautiful or ugly, it’s your creation!

Create now

As great as 3D printing is, getting started can be understandably a bit daunting. So who wants their initial out of box experience to involve hours of assembling dozens of parts (and hoping their untested machine actually works), then more time and tweaking for setup and calibration? 

We don’t either. We like to think, “plug in, install the app, then you’re off to the races,” is the way things are supposed to work these days.

Be better

3D printer companies talk about the speeds their printers can achieve, usually in terms of mm/sec. The reality is that reasonably large and high-quality pieces can take hours.

If your project is going to take hours, your printer better be quiet. And any noise it does make better be soft and pleasant. 

It better be compact enough not to take over your work area. And have a design that isn’t an eyesore.

It better be fully enclosed to keep out dirt and paws and small fingers. It better be smart enough to auto-pause when the door is opened. And to auto-resume after the door is closed again. Or after power is restored, were it ever to go out.

Also in the box

Spool of filament, SD card, SD card adapter, USB cable, power cable, spatula, hex wrenches , Quick Start Guide.


Print Material: PLA ABS Wood PC PVC

One Button Leveling

One Button Printing

Wi-Fi Connection

Ultra Quiet (< 50dB)

Removable Platform

No Platform Heat Needed

Print Size: 150 x 150 x 175 mm

Print Resolution: 0.1 mm

Nozzle Temp: to 250º C

Print Speed: to 150 mm/s

Product Features

  • Easiest to Start, Easiest to Operate: Unpack, plug in, load the app and go!
  • Safe, Clean, Quiet, Compact: Great for the home, office, or classroom
  • Wi-Fi, USB, SD Card Slot: Print from iOS & Android devices, PC, Mac or included SD card
  • Excellent Print Quality: Smooth, accurate, high resolution
  • 1-Year Warranty with USA-Based Support

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dxrise Digital Hygrometer, Humidity Gauge, Indoor Thermometer, Temperature and Room Humidity Monitor Moisture Meter with Accurate Monitor Clear Reading, Min/Max Records, C/F switch


◆Do not expose the product to environment that is highly hot, humid or dusty.
◆When the display dims, a new battery should be used.
◆If the battery is reset, the maximum/minimum temperature and humidity are also cleared.
◆For this product, two pieces of AAA alkaline batteries is recommended.(Batteries are not included)


Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Temperature Measuring Range: 0-50°C / 32-122°F
Temperature Accuracy: ±1°C
Humidity Measuring Range: 20-95%RH
Humidity Accuracy: ±5%
Sampling Rate: 15s/time
Power Supply: 2 * 1.5V AAA Batteries(not included)
Item Size: 3.35 * 3.35 * 0.98in
Item Weight: 70g / 2.46oz
Package Size: 9 * 9 * 3.3cm / 3.54 * 3.54 * 1.3in
Package Weight: 93g / 3.28oz

Package List:

1 * Temperature & Humidity Meter
1 * User Manual

Product Features

  • MAX & MIN Humidity Records–The digital hygrometer will show the MAX & MIN Temperature and Humidity for 24 hours.
  • Air Comfort Indicator — Indoor hygrometer thermometer measures humidity and temperature gauge to provide updated and accurate readings every 15s; Humidity level icons indicate current air conditions — DRY/COMFORT/WET. Humidity Monitor ensures proper humidity control, which is benefit for skin, allergen and other health problem.
  • Professional Accuracy — Our indoor thermometer displays temperature in Fahrenheit/Celsius measuring temperature at a range of 32°F – 122.0°F0°C -50.0°C). Resolution of temperature: ±1°C. Digital Hygrometer displays at a range of 20%-95%RH; Resolution of humidity: ±5%RH.
  • 3 in 1 Mounting — This humidity meter with magnet attaching, table standing, and wall hanging design, convenient mounting feature for every type of room like garden greenhouse basement baby room guitar room office.
  • 100% SATISFACTION LIFETIME GUARANTEE! — We believe in the quality of our Humidity Gauge. We can support 100% SATISFACTION LIFETIME GUARANTEE! If our Humidity Gauge can’t work out or with the other quality reason. You can contact us at any time. And we will make a full refund.

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Researchers 3D Print 'Bones' to Make an Astonishingly Accurate Robotic Hand

Image credit: 

University of Washington

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Translating human anatomy into robotics is harder than it sounds. While scientists haven’t yet been able to create a prosthetic that perfectly passes for a human limb, this new device designed by researchers at the University of Washington comes pretty close.

According to Business Insider, this robotic hand is so accurate that it can practically mimic human dexterity. Researchers Zhe Xu and Emanuel Todorov created the mechanism by scanning an actual human hand and 3D-printing plastic “bones” using the data. The model’s joint ligaments are made from a durable, plastic fiber, and 10 motors installed below the hands direct the movements of the tendons. To control it, the researchers designed a high-tech glove covered in motion sensors. The hand’s movements are so precise that it’s able to grab onto delicate objects like CDs, credit cards, and dollar bills. You can watch as the hand mimics the researcher in the video below. 

The Institution of Electrical Engineers’ science and technology news outlet, the IEEE Spectrum, described the machine as “the most amazing biomimetic anthropomorphic robot hand we’ve ever seen.” Its proportions are so accurate that researchers believe it could be used to grow actual human tendon and tissue, allowing for amputees to grow entirely new hands in the future. The technology could also be used in robotic prosthetics and even in space as a way for astronauts to make delicate repairs to the outsides of ships without having to don a space suit. Xu and Todorov recently released a paper detailing their work [PDF], and they also plan to present their findings at the robotics conference in Sweden this May.

[h/t Business Insider]

February 29, 2016 – 8:45pm

Aurora Z605 Acrylic Structure Accurate Printing 3D Printer

Extruder quantity:1;
Printing size:200*200*200mm;
Layer thickness:0.1-0.4mm;
XY axis speed:3000mm/min;
Z axis speed:200mm/min;
Printing speed:100mm/s;
Standard extruder diameter:0.4mm;
Extruder temperature:250;
Hot bed temperature:110;
Hot bed material:Bakelite,aluminum,PCB,glass;
XY axis positioning accuracy:0.012mm;
Z axis positioning accuracy:0.004mm;
Printing material support:ABS PLA;
Printing material diameter:1.75 3mm;
Recommended material:PLA;
Software language:Chinese/English;
Date import format:STL, G-Code;
Model supporting function:Optional;
Power supply:12V;
Operating system:XP WIN7 Mac;
Printing software:Repetier-Host;
Working condition:Temp:10-30℃ Humidity:20-50%;
Machine weight:6.7KG

Product Features

  • Nice transparecy frame; Machine size:17*16*14.6 inch
  • Easy for installation; Accurate printing; Operating system:XP WIN7 Mac
  • Printing size:7.9*7.9*7.9 inch; Support SD-card
  • Printing material support:ABS PLA; Date import format:STL, G-Code
  • Software language:Chinese/English

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