MK10 M7 Extruder sets head Heat block Nozzle 0.3mm 0.4mm 0.5mm 0.6mm 0.8mm

Heat block set for MK10

This MK10 version heat block set is for MK10 extruder with thermocouple. It has heat block with M4 tapped hole for accepting M4 stud thermocouple. 5 different nozzle size, more choose for your model. This MK10 hotend will fit your FlashForge Creator 3D printer and other similar Makerbot Replicator clones equipped with MK10 extruders. Please consult with supplied drawing for details

Heat block size: 20mm *20mm * 10mm
Nozzle extrusion diameter: 0.3mm,0.4mm,0.5mm,0.6mm,0.8mm
Nozzle, Throat and Heater Block thread size: M7x1
Heater diameter request: 6mm diameter and 20mm long
Package include:
5 pcs high quality brass nozzle with 5 sizes, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm
1 pc heat block
1 pc Stainless steel connecting pipe
2 pcs Polytetrafluoroethylene tube

Product Features

  • Fits MK10 extruder on FlashForge Creator and similar printers with MK10
  • M4 head thermocouple support only, thermocouple can order from my store.
  • Manufactured with high CNC quality and tight tolerance. This hotend will fit all OEM MK10 extruders.
  • 5 different nozzle include, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm

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Iverntech 3D Printer Right Hand MK8 Extruder Aluminum Frame Block DIY Kit for RepRap Prusa i3

– MK8 extruder aluminum frame block DIY kit

– Makerbot dedicated single nozzle

– Extrusion head aluminum block for prusa i3

Packing List:

1 x Aluminum frame block

1 x Pack of screws and gear (10 pcs)

Product Features

  • Iverntech All Metal Right Hand MK8 Extruder Aluminum Frame Block
  • Brass gear, 26T, inner diameter: 5mm, outside diameter: 11mm
  • The recommended steps per unit for extruder motor (1.8 degree) : 95-100
  • Widely used in all kinds of prusa i3 3d printers
  • Installation please refer to picture 5, 6

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Kweiny Heat Insulation Cotton and PTFE High Temp Tape for 3D Printer Makerbot Hotend Heater Block | 10PCS Cotton and A Roll of Tape for Extruder Parts Tool Kit

1. After replace the nozzle, Please recalibrate the distance between nozzle and build plate to ensure the quality of print parts;
2. Please do not use flame to test their heat resistance, because the flame’s temperature is much higher than 300 degrees Celsius (572 Fahrenheit ).

Heat insulation cotton: Length 80mm/3.15in, width 20mm/0.78in, thickness 2mm;
PTFE high temp tape: Total length 10m/32.8ft, width 8mm, thickness 0.13mm

package including:
10PCS heat insulation cotton;
One Roll of PTFE High Temp Tape

Product Features

  • Compatibility: Matches all 3D print extruder heater block offered from E3D Makerbot, MK8 Makerbot RepRap , etc.
  • High temperature resistance: Both PTFE tape and heat insulation cotton, short term resistance to temperature 260 degrees Celsius (500 Fahrenheit ), long term resistance to temperature 300 degrees Celsius (572 Fahrenheit )
  • Function: Keep heater block temperature constant, so that improving the quality of the printed matter, save electricity and prolong the service life of heater and temp sensor
  • Use-method: You can cut cotton into the right size and hole according to your needs, then stick it firmly with PTFE tape. 5 sides of heater can be wrapped up in cotton, except the surface installed heater wire, but you just need to use 1 piece cotton. You can also use PTFE tape to stick any other parts on your 3D printer
  • Material: The heating insulation cotton is made from heat resistant ceramic fiber, the tape is made from PTFE

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CCTREE 3D Printer Heater Block Silicone Cover MK7/MK8/MK9 Hotend For Creality CR-10,10S,S4,S5 Anet A8


Color: coffee

Item Weight: 2g

Item Size: 22 x 22 x 15mm/ 0.66 * 0.66 * 0.6in (approx.)

Package List:
3 x Silicone Cover

Product Features

  • Made of non-stick silicone material
  • Helps to keep the hotend temperature extremely stable.
  • Can extend the life of the heater block and extruder by keeping it cleaner.
  • High temperature resistance: 280℃.
  • Professional for 3D printer extruder.

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