3D Printing Surface Bundle – Borosilicate Glass and Adhesive Printing Surface with 4 Clips – Starter Kit for 3D Printers

Just getting started with 3D printing? Can’t decide between using a glass plate or adhesive surface? Why chose when you can have both!

Borosilicate glass provides a stable print base for even low diameter printouts, and due to its extreme heat resistance is perfect for heated beds when printing tricky filaments!

Our adhesive surface provides extreme grip, and is great for warp free printing with ABS, PLA, PETG, HIPS, PET+, brick, and flexible (TPE) filaments!

Both surfaces are premium quality, durable printing bases and will transform your 3D printing experience.

Adhesive Print Surface
Size: 8″ x 8″
Maximum Temperature: 200℃/392°F
Glass Plate
Size: 7.8″ x 8.3″ x 0.1″
Maximum Temperature: 550℃/1022°F

Product Features

  • PRINT WITH STABILITY – Just getting started with 3D printing? This set of clips, glass plate and 3D printing surface will let you test the most popular printing surfaces and find the right one for you!1
  • PERFECT FOR ALL FILAMENTS AND PRINT QUALITIES – Suitable for all types of filament glass can be used for your ultra fine quality printouts whereas our adhesive surface will provide extreme grip for all types of filament!
  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL – Just clean your print bed and peel off the backing, the adhesive surface sticks fast. Then use the provided clips to keep your glass plate in place on top!
  • EXTREME HEAT RESISTANCE – Great for heated print beds, our glass sheets have an ultra-high resilience to rapid heating and cooling. So won’t crack like standard soda lime glass under intense direct heat.
  • NO PREP PRINTING – Say goodbye to tape, hairspray and glue sticks, once installed and calibrated, you can print almost any filament onto your new adhesive surface without worrying about it coming unstuck.

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Printing Glass Plate Kit for 3D Printers fits most 3D printers 6″ x 9″ printing surface with retainer clips

Glass is a universal print surface for 3D Printing. Almost all types of filament will print to glass in one way or another. This kit allows you to add a glass top to the print surface in your 3D Printer. Just place the glass on your print board and clip it in place! To print with ABS or PLA, lightly spray the surface of the glass with AquaNetTM hairspray, then install the glass. For Nylon, we’ve found a light coating of UHU Glue stick seems to do the trick! If you don’t yet have a glass surface, you’ll want this one! This glass has been specially ordered and modified for use in 3D Printers. This type of glass is not available at your local hardware store or big box home center.

Product Features

  • Glass Plate Kit Fits most 3D Printers with 6″ x 9″ plates
  • Easy to install
  • Complete Kit with Glass Plate and Clips
  • Print with most filament types
  • Makes VERY Smooth surfaces when printing.

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Phenolic Plate Kit for 3D Printers 6″ x 9″ x 1/8″ with clips and instructions

Phenolic plate kit for 3D Printers with 6″ x 9″ plate. Attaches to plate with clips (provided).

Product Features

  • Phenolic Material disperses heat across the entire surface.
  • Works with MakerBot, Wanhao, Prusa, Mendlebot and others.
  • 1/8″ Thickness – Easy to install and remove
  • Can be removed and bent to remove items easily from the print surface.
  • No masking tape needed – print right to the surface of the phenolic plate.

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