Frankensbox fx-800 3D Printer, Wi-Fi, Compact, Quiet, Accurate, Plug and Play Simplicity, (Black)

Frankensbox: What will you CREATE 

Will it be beautiful? Will it be ugly? 

Creativity is not about perfection, it’s about imagination. Frankensbox connects your imagination to reality. 

Beautiful or ugly, it’s your creation!

Create now

As great as 3D printing is, getting started can be understandably a bit daunting. So who wants their initial out of box experience to involve hours of assembling dozens of parts (and hoping their untested machine actually works), then more time and tweaking for setup and calibration? 

We don’t either. We like to think, “plug in, install the app, then you’re off to the races,” is the way things are supposed to work these days.

Be better

3D printer companies talk about the speeds their printers can achieve, usually in terms of mm/sec. The reality is that reasonably large and high-quality pieces can take hours.

If your project is going to take hours, your printer better be quiet. And any noise it does make better be soft and pleasant. 

It better be compact enough not to take over your work area. And have a design that isn’t an eyesore.

It better be fully enclosed to keep out dirt and paws and small fingers. It better be smart enough to auto-pause when the door is opened. And to auto-resume after the door is closed again. Or after power is restored, were it ever to go out.

Also in the box

Spool of filament, SD card, SD card adapter, USB cable, power cable, spatula, hex wrenches , Quick Start Guide.


Print Material: PLA ABS Wood PC PVC

One Button Leveling

One Button Printing

Wi-Fi Connection

Ultra Quiet (< 50dB)

Removable Platform

No Platform Heat Needed

Print Size: 150 x 150 x 175 mm

Print Resolution: 0.1 mm

Nozzle Temp: to 250º C

Print Speed: to 150 mm/s

Product Features

  • Easiest to Start, Easiest to Operate: Unpack, plug in, load the app and go!
  • Safe, Clean, Quiet, Compact: Great for the home, office, or classroom
  • Wi-Fi, USB, SD Card Slot: Print from iOS & Android devices, PC, Mac or included SD card
  • Excellent Print Quality: Smooth, accurate, high resolution
  • 1-Year Warranty with USA-Based Support

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Robo C2 Compact Smart 3D Printer with Wi-Fi – 5 x 5 x 6″

The Robo C2 is the next-next generation of fully-featured 3D printers from Robo 3D. Featuring a compact size, it has one of the fasteset print speeds in the 3D consumer space with 300 mm per second and one of the largest build volumes in its category. With a built-in touch screen as well as WiFi and mobile connectivity it is fully compatible with Robo’s new print app, so you can 3D print right from any iOS device. The Robo C2 printer brings a high-quality, easy-to-use solution to consumers. The Robo C2 is one of the smallest and most portable of 3D printers in the market, focused on users that want a smaller and more compact offering. While it may be compact, it still boasts the same printing speed as its larger siblings, and a minute resolution of up to 20 microns for smooth and highly detailed prints. Supported with Apple iOS and macOS, Windows, and Linux and supports file types STL, OBJ, and AMF. Runs at an operating ambient temperature of 59-90 degrees F and non-operating temperature of 32-90 degrees F. Supports over 20 materials including a majority of Robo legacy materials, including PLA, carbon fiber, wood, metal infused, and flexible material. A 1 year commercial subscription to Autodesk Fusion 360 is included with each unit, as well as 24/7 customer support and a 6 month parts replacement warranty.

Product Features

  • Includes a 3.5 color touch screen and WiFi connectivity allowing printing from USB, phone, and tablet
  • Allows printing from cloud libraries or design your own and features automatic calibration with a self-leveling print platform
  • Features a build volume of 5″ x 5″ x 6″ / 127 mm x 127 mm x 152.4mm, build speed of up to 16mm^3/s, travel speed of up to 250mm/s, and prints from 300 to 20 microns.
  • Supports printing with 20-plus materials and has filament run-out detection
  • Comes with 24/7 customer support and 1 year part replacement warranty
  • Monitor your projects and print from your mobile device using the free Robo app, available on iOS and coming soon to Android

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Ultra Low Price For Promotion MagicD Desktop DIY 3D Printer Compact And High Accuracy 3D Printer Made Of Aluminum Alloy

3D Desktop Printer DIY High Accuracy Self-assembly Kit:
Structure : Aluminium Alloy
Extruder quantity: 1
Printing size: 220*220*220mm
Layer sickness: 0.1-0.4mm
SD-card: Support
LED screen: Yes
Printing speed: 100mm/s
Standard extruder diameter: 0.4mm
Extruder temperature: 260 ℃
Hot bed temperature: 90 ℃
Hot bed material: Aluminum Alloy
XY axis positioning accuracy: 0.012mm
Z axis positioning accuracy: 0.004mm
Printing material support: ABS , PLA , HIPS , TPU
Recommended material: PLA
Software language: English /Chinese/French/German/Spanish etc.
Date import format: STL, G-Code
Device dimension: 500*500*490mm
Device weight: 6kg
Packing dimension: 510*310*208mm
Packing weight: 7kg
Power supply: 110V/220V
Operating system: Win , Mac , Linux
Printing software: Cura , Repetier-Host
Working condition Temp: 10-40℃,Humidity:20-50%
Note: The package only includes all the parts for the 3D printer, not an assembled machine.

Upgrade 3D Printer A2 Assembly Video 1

Upgrade 3D Printer A2 Assembly Video 2

3D Printer 3D Printer A2 Debugging Video

Product Features

  • Unlike most of other DIY 3D printer , this printer has been upgraded. The major frame is made of Aluminum alloy material instead of Acrylic . As a result, shake gets restrained and printing will be more reliable . By the way ,it looks more compact now. You must love this updated vision if you a 3D printing fans .
  • Upgraded Functions, but still cost-effective.
  • Look at the screen ! its resolution is 12864 now not 2004 anymore. Bigger screen , wider sight . The control button is twist switch , leading to convenient operation.
  • Complete kit with all tools for assembling this machine , such as screwdriver, wrench, spanner and plastic nippers. MicroSD card with preloaded model files. Micro USB and MicroSD card interfaces. Win and Mac compatible. Compatible with Cura and Repetier-Host

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EconoLed Tactical Compact Pistol Low Profile Rifle Red Laser Dot Sight Scope with Rail Mount Black

☆ Brand:EconoLed
☆ Red Laser Sight Scope For Pistols/Rifles
☆ Wavelength: 650nm
☆ Power:<1mw100m * Powered by 3pcs AG5 battery(included)* With Detachable Picatinny Rail.
☆ Size: 32mm x 26mm x 26mm, Mini Style
☆ On/Off Switch Is Located In The Back Of The Red Laser Sight
☆ Come with Detachable Picatinny Rail
☆ Shock Proof, Can Be Used On Real Fire Pistols And Air Pistols/Rifles
The item is shipped form US,The shipping time may take 3-5 working days.It’s very fast ship.

☛EconoLed products have been well tested, examined and packaged before sending off, but we cannot 100% guarantee the items remain undamaged when delivered to you. Any problem please feel free to contact us first so that we can supply the best service for you.

Product Features

  • ☆ EconoLed Red Laser Sight Scope For Pistols/Rifles
  • ☆ Wavelength: 650nm, Power:<1mw 100m
  • ☆ Powered by 3pcs AG5 battery(included)
  • ☆ ShockProof, Can Be Used On Real Fire Pistols And Air Pistols/Rifles
  • ☆ Size: 32mm x 26mm x 26mm, Mini Style

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