BIQU 3D Printer Part SKR Mini V1.1 32bit Control Board Marlin 2.0 Open Source Compatible with Ramps1.4/1.5/1.6 Support A4988/8825/TMC2208/TMC2100 Drivers (DC Connector)

SKR Motherboard Parameters:
Appearance size: 90*70mm
Mounting size: 80*60mm
Microprocessor: ARM Cortex-M3 CPU
Input voltage: DC12V-DC24V 5A-12A
Motor driver: support TMC2208, TMC2130, ST820, LV8729, DRV8825, A4988
Motor drive interface: X, Y, Z, E0, Four(Serial Dual Z-axis), Up to 256 subdivisions
Display: 2.8 “TFT, 3.5” TFT
Temperature Sensor Interface:TH0、TB, two 100K NTC thermistor

When the SKR motherboard is electricity , the red light D2 in the lower right corner will light up, indicating that the power supply is normal. The middle of the Board DC SEL is the power selection end
1, when using USB to power the motherboard, short circuit cap should be used to connect +5V and USB Pins
2, when using 12v-24v power supply, short circuit cap shall be used to connect +5V and INT pins

Attention: Can be connected [12v-24v power], [USB] at the same time , the printing process must be connected with a short circuit cap +5V And INT
3,The Board 5V SEL must be connected to INT and +5V two pins before it going to print 4,It must be connected with an external hot bed MOS Extension Module if you need to use with Heatbed, it is very significant that Motherboard can not connect with heat bed directly.

How to use
The SKR motherboard connects with the computer via the [USB] interface. After the driver is installed, the motherboard can be inserted into the computer to recognize the port for data transmission. Without the driver installed, it is easy for the computer to not recognize the USB port

1,The driver can be obtained from our open-source website:, named by “mapleDrv” file
2. After installing the driver, connect the computer and SKR motherboard with USB cable
If you need more information about this Board please contact us

Product Features

  • Using 32bit frequency 72MHz ARM Cortex-M3 series STM32F103RCT6 main Microprocessor, the performance has been greatly improved
  • Support Resume Printing While Power Off,Filament Break Detection,Automatic Shutdown After Printing and other functions
  • SKR Mini V1.1 Board adopt “Gold Finish” process which capability is more stable and better heat dissipation
  • Support 2.8 and 3.5 Inch Touch Screen,2004LCD (but don’t Support 12864 LCD)

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Gimax T Slot L Type 90 Degree 3030 Aluminum Connector Bracket Fastener EU Standard 30/40/45 Series Aluminum Profile Parts 3D Printer – (Color: 10sets 30 Series)

Please note  : Picture just as a reference.the actual delivered goods shall prevail !
Apply To : For European standard  30/40/45 series Aluminum Profile
Please check which Size and the Quantity  you need . 
Note :
1 set including : 1pc Bracket + 2pcs Screw
Item specifics:
Type: Corner Brackets
Diy supplies: Metalworking

Product Features

  • Color: 10sets 30 series
  • Type: Corner Brackets
  • Diy supplies: Metalworking

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KR-NET 5x8mm Flexible Shaft Coupling Coupler Connector for CNC Router 3D Printer Stepper Motor

Please check your shaft size before purchase.

Connecting Timing Belt to Stepper Motor
Shaft Coupler is used to connect timing belt to stepper motor.

High Quality Parts
High quality 3D printer parts, durable and provide reliable connection. Easy to install, perfect fit for 5mm x 8mm shaft.

Made of Aluminium
Made of aluminium, durable and long lasting.

Compatible to:
3D Printer

Condition: Brand New
Material: Aluminium
Dimension: 19mm x 25mm (DxH)
For Shaft Size: 5mm x 8mm

Package Includes:
-Shaft Coupler x 2


All product and company names are trademarksTM or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

Product Features

  • Connect timing belt to stepper motor
  • High quality 3D printer parts
  • Provide reliable connection
  • Easy to install, perfect fit for 5mm x 8mm shaft
  • Made of aluminium, durable and long lasting

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RAMBo Adapter LCD12864 LCD2004 display connector adaptor for 3D printer controller board

RAMBo Adapter LCD12864 LCD2004 display connector adaptor for 3D printer controller board

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