Filament Friday 3D Print Tool Kit – 32 Essential 3D Print Accessories for Finishing, Cleaning, and Printing 3D Prints – Includes Convenient Zipper Pouch and Removal Tool – 3D Printer Tool Set

Filament Friday focuses on making the most innovative and highest quality 3D printing products. Our focus is on the avid 3D printer, which means our 3D print tool kit tools must be designed to perform. Filament Friday confidently creates the most valueable kit where each tool has been hand picked, aimed to construct an exceptional 3D printing process.

This 3D Print Tool Kit Includes:

Removal Tool: Make removing your print from your 3D printer simple by sliding the thin blade underneath your 3D printed object.

Electronic Digital Caliper: Create the perfect print by using the caliper to measure both inner/outer dimensions of an object or filament. *Extra batteries not included.

Needle Nose Pliers: Use the needle nose pliers to help remove excess filament from the hot extruder nozzle, or to reach hard to access places within the 3D printer.

Deburring Tool: Use the deburring tool on/within your 3D print. This tool rotates 360° creating a deep clean.

Cutting Mat: Apply your cutting mat before using the knife to avoid damage to your work space.

Avery Glue Stick: Use your Avery Glue Stick for coating the heating bed of your 3D printer.

Filing Tool: Use your filing tool to manage the rough edges of your 3D print by rubbing the tool against stubborn pieces of material.

Knife Clean Up Kit: Remove any excess debris by using the knife clean up kit. This set offers a variety of 13 blades and also includes a safe-lock storage to keep blades organized.

Diagonal Wire Cutters: Use your diagonal wire cutters to cut filament and other thin material associated with 3D printing.

Wire Brushes: Use your wire brushes to sweep away excess filament from the extruder nozzle or print bed.

Zipper Pouch: Use your Filament Friday pouch to hold your tools.

Product Features

  • ON SALE FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY: Sale price is available to first 50 customers only during release period.
  • OFFICIAL 3D PRINT TOOL KIT OF FILAMENT FRIDAY: Check out the Filament Friday YouTube channel for projects and tips using the official 3D print tool kit of Filament Friday
  • HIGH QUALITY TOOLS: The Filament Friday 3D print tool kit tools have been thoroughly tested by 3D print makers including Chuck Hellebuyck using a variety of 3D printers and filament
  • EVERY TOOL YOU WILL NEED: Take the guessing out of wondering what is needed for a successful 3D print experience, including a removal tool. Every tool included has been hand picked specifically for each part of the 3D printing process for any level 3D print maker
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY INCLUDED: Your tool kit includes an industry leading 3 year limited warranty against all manufacturer defects. This includes any defects that are determined by the manufacturer to be the sole error of the manfacturers parts or labor

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Happisland 16 Piece 3D Printer Tool Kit, 3D Print Clean-Up Kit with convenient storage case

Package includes, 13 sharp blades, 3 handles and convenient storage case

Product Features

  • Everything needed to print, maintain and clean up 3D Models
  • Your knives always stay sharp with this 16 piece knife kit
  • Package includes, 13 sharp blades, 3 handles and convenient storage case
  • Great for 3D Print Clean-up & Arts and Crafts
  • This kit has everything to make 3D printing easy and the printed results spectacular.

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Lorei 3D Printer DUO (Metal frame, DUAL extruder, All metal high temperature V6 hotends, Multi-material, 9x9x12″ build volume, LCD convenient interface, Space efficient)

Meet the all-new Lorei 3D printer. With its unique design this 3D printer was developed to combine everything you are looking for in a printer. The Lorei boasts a full 9x9x12in build volume and hotend capabilities reaching 300 degrees C that allow you to widen your material choices. A built in LCD is also included with full online support that gets you printing right out of the box. Whether you are new to 3D printing or are looking to expand your tech arsenal, be bold and start making outside the box with the Lorei 3D printer.

Box includes:

• Quick start guide
• Dual Hotend Lorei 3D printer
• x2 500g 1.75 mm PLA filament, color randomly selected
• Power supply unit
• USB cable
• Ball-end hex Allen key set

Product details:

Build volume: 9x9x12in build volume
Print assistance: Auto-leveling for a stress-free printing experience
Layer resolution: 50-300 micron
Build platform: Detachable tempered glass build platform
Filament Diameter: 1.75 mm filament diameter
Nozzle Diameter: Standard 0.4 mm

Frame and body: Steel/T6 Aluminum body
Product Dimensions: 14.6×18.1×15.6 inches
Box Dimensions: 22x13x23 inches
Product Weight: 19.2 pounds
AC input: 110-230V DC output: 24V 150W

Software: Cura (XMachines edition)
Operating systems: Windows/Mac OS X
Downloads page with up to date firmware and printing profiles
Full online software/hardware web support
Minimal assembly required

Product Features

  • 9x9x12″ print volume that allows for large prints without occupying your whole work space
  • Self leveling via software, tetherless printing via SD card and LCD for convenient printing
  • Reach 150 mm/s for fast speeds or print with exceptional quality at up to 50 micron resolution
  • 300 degrees C high temperature ALL METAL V6 hotend to expand material choices
  • Printer is tested and auto-calibrated at XMachines HQ for right out of the box printing

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