3D Printer I3 High Precision Large Size Desktop 3D Printer Kit Reprap Prusa I3 DIY Self-Assembly LCD Screen PLA/ABS Filament 1.75MM DIY 3D Printer 200x200x180 (i3 3D Printer)

self-assembly I3 3D Printer Kit

 Technical parameters:

  • Maximum print size: 200mm * 200mm * 180mm, it is recommended to print a smaller size
  • Operating System: Windows 7/8 (32-bit / 64-bit) Software: Healing
  • Data import format: STL, G-code
  • The maximum temperature of the printhead: 260 ° C (normally 210 ° C)
  • Maximum soil temperature: 130 ° C (typically 65 ° C)
  • Operating temperature: 10-30 ° C, humidity: 20-50%
  • Hot bed materials: bakelite, aluminum, PCB, glass
  • Input voltage: AC 110V-220V
  • Packing size: 470 * 470 * 330mm
  • Dimension of the device: 430 * 505 * 380mm
  • Package weight: 11 kg
  • Weight of the equipment: 8 kg

Technical parameters:

  • Carrier made of printed material: ABS, PLA (LAYER DISTRIBUTION: 0.1-0.4 mm)
  • Pressure diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Printing speed: 120 mm / s
  • Positioning accuracy of the XY axis: 0.011 mm
  • Positioning accuracy on the Z axis: 0.004 mm
  • Temperature of the hot bed: 70 ° C
  • Power supply: 12V
  • SD card: support from
  • LED screen: yes

3D printer packaging:

  • All modules
  • All assembly tools
  • Software
  • Coil 1.75MM (ABS / PLA random)
  • CD (lessons per CD)

 DIY installed video link:

Product Features

  • 【Advanced Technology】Customized MK8 nozzles, rugged and compact lead screws, advanced high-speed motors, advanced motherboards, superior power system, 3D filaments for ABS, PLA, HIP, PP, nylon and many other models.
  • 【High Compatibility】Operating system and working environment: Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Mac / Linux / Windows 10. Temperature: 10 – 30 degrees Celsius, humidity: 20 – 50 degrees Celsius
  • 【Print Area】Printed area of 200 x 200 x 180 mm, insulated with synthetic wood frame. Maintain a perfect construction feel and hand-made charm.
  • 【Unassembled DIY kit】It’s an unassembled DIY kit that provides you with an unforgettable 3D printer step-by-step learning experience from the ground up. As long as you are passionate about creativity, this product is your choice!
  • 【Professional after sales】Wide range of applications. 3D printers have been able to print a lot of things, which have a great impact on the medical, cultural, architectural, food, automotive and other industries. His wide application may exceed our imagination. Buy BUBU Bird’s 3D printer for lifetime technical support and after-sales service and a one month replacement policy for accessories issues.

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3D Printing Failures: 2019 Edition: How to Diagnose and Repair ALL Desktop 3D Printing Issues

This book has been entirely revamped and rewritten to encompass all of the updates in the 3D printing industry. Over 50% longer than the previous edition, this 2019 version of 3D Printing Failures has 8 new chapters, dozens of updated photographs, and has each chapter rewritten. 

Whether you are new to 3D printing, or you have dozens of successful prints under your belt, this book is going to help you! Sean Aranda and David Feeney have hundreds of thousands of successful 3d printing hours combined, so let them help you achieve consistent clean prints. 
The failures that are discussed in great detail by chapter are: 
* Bed Adhesion 
* Build Plate Not Heating 
* Build Plate Not Reading Correct Temperature 
* Built Up Material in Nozzle 
* Extruder Stepper Skipping 
* Filament Snapping 
* Ghosting
* Hotend Can’t Reach or Maintain Temperature 
* Hotend Not Heating 
* Hotend Not Reading Correct Temperature 
* Layer Shifts 
* LCD Blank or Dark 
* Mandatory Maintenance
* Materials and their Settings
* Model Errors 
* Not Finding Home 
* Nozzle Clogs 
* Over Extrusion 
* Parts Not Mating Together 
* Poor Layer Adhesion
* Print Pauses Mid Print
* Quality Options 
* Running Out of Filament 
* Settings Issues 
* Stepper Motors Overheating or Malfunctioning 
* Stripped Filament 
* Unlevelled Build Plate 
* Warping 
* Z-Axis Wobble 
* Z-Height Issues 
* And much more!

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SainSmart 6-Axis Desktop Robotic Arm & Grippers, Assembled for Arduino UNO MEGA2560


This 6 axis Desktop Robotic arm includes SainSmart’s professional after sales service, with the manual and necessary documentation
included in our wiki site. SainSmart’s Robot Arms are perfect for hobby projects to higher level education and robotics research.
CNC machined PVC skeleton provides a lightweight and reliable structure suitable for most smaller projects needing a robotic arm.
This unit utilizes MG996 55g metal gear servos (4pcs) and active joint bearing connections, providing a flexible and responsive robotic arm.
Basic robotic arm programming and mechanics is often used as the “stepping stone” to dive into the industrial robotics and automation
industry, which can fit a wide range of project needs.

MG996 55g Servo Specifications:

Size: 40.7*19.7*42.9mm
Working torque: 9.4-13kg/cm
Respond rotation speed: 53-62R/M
Working temperature: -30~+60°C
Dead zone: 5us
Plug: JR, Tutaba
Rotation angle: 180 degree
Analog servo
Working current: 100mA
Working voltage: 5-7.2V
Metal gear, coreless motor, two ball bearing
Operation speed: 0.17s/60 degree(4.8V); 0.14S/60 degree(6.0V)

SG90 9G servo Specifications:

Size: 23*12.2*29mm
Weight: 9g
Working torque: 1.6kg/cm
Respond rotation speed: 0.12-0.13s/60 degree
Working temperature: -30~+60 C
Dead zone: 5ms
Plug: JR, Tutaba
Rotation angle: 180 degree
Analog servo
Working current: 100mA
Working voltage: 3.5-6V
Metal gear

Package List:

4x MG996R servo
2x SG90 servo
1x Structural Frame Bearings
All necessary screws

Manual: http://wiki.sainsmart.com/index.php/DIY_6-Axis_Servos_Control_Palletizing_Robot_Arm_Model_for_Arduino_UNO_MEGA2560

NOTE: Mega Board is not Included.

Product Features

  • Production Quality: Structure consists of different thickness of CNC machined PVC plates, making it a durable and quality product guaranteed. The main joints utilize metal gear servos (MG966R and SG90), ensuring a reliable and smooth operation.
  • Motion Flexibility: Quality servos, precision structure, and 6 axis design allow an immense range of motion and flexibility within its reasonable limits.
  • Programmable: Servos are completely programmable using any microcontroller and code. We provide a lot of source code on our wiki webpage( SainSmart Wiki )for the Arduino Mega, making this unit suitable for beginners!
  • Simple Setup: All the parts are fully assembled, allowing for immediate programming and use.
  • Stem Education: Simulate this real palletizing robot arm and learn about the basic construction of a real robot arm. A fun STEM educational experience in mechanical engineering and electronics.

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TEVO Nereus WiFi 3D Printer, 3.2″ LCD Touch Screen Desktop Printer with 320x320x400mm Larger Printing Size, Filament Sensor, Power Off Resume, Full Metal Frame

Brand: Tevo 

Type: Complete Machine + 4 Free Filement

Engraving Area: 320x 320x 400mm 

Engraving Accuracy: 0.1mm-0.35mm 

Frame material: Aluminum 

Platform board: Aluminum Base 

Nozzle quantity: Single 

Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm 

Nozzle temperature: Room temperature to 180-240 degree 

Layer thickness: 0.1mm 

Print speed: 60 – 120mm/s 

Supporting material: PLA,ABS 

Material diameter: 1.75mm 

Language: English 

XY-axis positioning accuracy: 0.05mm 

Z-axis positioning accuracy: 0.1 mm 

Working Power: 60W 

Host computer software: Cura,Repetier-Host,Slic3r 

Packing Type: Assembled packing 

Connector Type: USB 

Dimensions and Weight 

Product weight: 9.7000 kg 

Package weight: 19.4000 kg 

Product size: 537 x 587 x 624 mm 

Package size: 550 x 635 x 280 mm

Product Features

  • Printing size: 32 x 32 x 40cm, meets your daily demands
  • Wifi Printing: Provide Cloud-based printing solutions, one APP with one machine, make your printing much easier.
  • LCD screen design, easy to monitor your printing process, Built-in power supply provide smooth operating experience
  • Compact and dedicated design, convenient to use and store, perfect for beginners and professional enthusiasts
  • Wide application fields: product structure design, toy modeling, architectural design, fashion jewelry design, parts manufacturing, daily necessities and education

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