Mach5ive Industrial Blackout Cover for 3D Resin Printers – Universal Printer Protection from UV Light, Dust, Dirt, Spill – Waterproof PVC-Coated Shield – Portable Storage Sleeve

Love creating but hate the fuss involved?

In the world of 3D printing, SLA/DLP printers offer intricate details and a far lower need for post-processing when compared to filament types, but they do have their downsides. Resin is a delicate material, requiring careful storage and immediate printer clean-up after every project.

But what if you could minimize these annoyances? If you’re 3D printing for work or as a hobby, we believe that creating new models should be an enjoyable, hassle-free experience. Here’s something that can help.

Keep your printer and resin safe with this Industrial Blackout Cover by Mach5ive!

Our industrial blackout cover offers an efficient way to protect your 3D printer from dust, shop dirt, and spills. It is made with extra durable PVC coated polyester that acts as another barrier to help contain resin fumes.

But what really makes our cover essential for printer owners is its ability to block UV light – this allows you to prevent accidental resin from curing if the room you keep it in gets plenty of sunlight. This also means that you can simply cover up your printer after a project if you don’t have time to clean up just yet.

Never leave your printer exposed and vulnerable again! We’ve designed our protective cover to be as easy to use as possible. It has a custom fit but still has enough room to make slipping it on or off quick and sweat-free.

What else makes our blackout cover special?

✅ Ideal for shop and studio environments
✅ Non-toxic skin-safe material
✅ Lightweight and compact

Keep your investment secure. Add the Mach5ive Industrial Blackout Cover for 3D Resin Printers to your cart today!

Product Features

  • ✅ HIGH-PERFORMANCE PRINTER COVER – Keep your printer free of dust, UV rays and moisture! Our industrial blackout printer dust cover protects from damage and helps contain stray resin fumes. Also acts as a thermal insulator, keeping heat in during printing in cold weather.
  • ✅ USER-FRIENDLY & VERSATILE – Slipping our cover on is fast and effortless on Elegoo Mars/Mars Pro, Anycubic Photon/Photon-S, Zortrax Inkspire, SparkMaker, WanHao D7 & D8, Epax X1, QIDI Tech Shadow, Longer Orange 10, Longer Orange 30, Phrozen Sonic Mini.
  • ✅ CLEAN UP ON YOUR OWN TIME – Now you’re no longer forced to tidy up your printer right after a project. Use our 3D printer dust cover to keep the device secure until you have time for cleaning.
  • ✅ PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT – Why take the risk of moisture, dust, and curious pets or toddlers damaging your 3D printer? Avoid expensive repairs or lower print quality by using this protective cover.
  • ✅ EXTRA DURABLE – Made of heavy-duty PVC coated polyester, our 9″ W x 9″ L x 16″ H cover is built to last. It is waterproof and safe from tears and abrasion, while remaining very flexible.

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Rolite Plastic & Acrylic Cleaner for Motorcycle Windshields, Marine Eisenglass, Aquariums, Headlights, Retail Displays, Museums, 3D Printers and Hot Tubs/Spas. Resists Fingerprints & Dust (16 fl. oz.)

Cleans, Shines and Protects – unique formulation that instantly cleans & shines ALL non-porous surfaces including: Plastic, Acrylic, Plexiglas®, Lexan®, Mylar®, Polycarbonate, Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, Chrome, Clear coats, Fiberglass, Gel coats, Glass, Stainless Steel and much more. Repels dust while helping to protect from fingerprints and scratches. Environmentally friendly. Alcohol Free. Ammonia Free. Anti-Static. Non-Streak. Non-Flammable. Water-based. Great for use on: 3D Printers, Aquariums, Arena Shields, Automotive, Aviation, Cameras, Cash Registers, Copiers, Collectible Displays, Countertops (Polished), Framed Pictures, Glass Windows/Mirrors, Headlight Lenses, Helmets/Visors, Hot Tubs/Spas, Marine, Monitors, Motorcycles, Museums, RV Interiors & Exteriors, Store Displays, Stove Tops, Trade Show Exhibits, TV Screens/LCD & Plasma Not recommended on fabric or suede leather. DO NOT use on vehicle controls such as steering wheels, handlebars, throttles, brake/gas pedals, motorcycle/personal watercraft seats, and surfaces critical to safe operation. Directions: SHAKE WELL. For small areas or electronics, wipe directly onto cloth, lightly covering area. For best results, use a clean, dry microfiber cloth. Wipe Rolite Plastic & Acrylic Cleaner until residue is removed. Turn cloth over to a dry area and lightly buff the surface until all residue disappears. Causes slippery surfaces which should be wiped until dry.

Product Features

  • Cleans, Shines and Protects – unique formulation that instantly cleans & shines ALL non-porous surfaces leaving a smooth, shiny surface.
  • Great for: Plastic, Acrylic, Plexiglas®, Lexan®, Mylar®, Polycarbonate, Carbon Fiber, Aluminum, Chrome, Clear coats, Fiberglass, Gel coats, Glass, Stainless Steel and much more.
  • Repels dust and protects from fingerprints and scratches. Ammonia and Alcohol Free. Anti-Static. Streak Free. Non-Flammable. Water-based.
  • Great for Sporting Goods, Automotive, Boats, Eisenglass, RVs, Museums, Motorcycles, Trade Show Exhibits, Windows/Mirrors, Countertops (polished), Copiers, Collectible Displays, Arena Shields, 3D Printers, Aquariums and many more.
  • Made in USA. High performance product preferred by professionals.

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Computer Dust Solutions Printer Dust Cover-Covers Inkjet or Laser Printers-Silky Smooth Antistatic Vinyl-Translucent Coconut Cream Color with Blue Trim-Several Sizes Available, (17W x19H x20D)

Made of durable yet flexible modern copolymers, this Printer Cover slips over the top of your deskjet or laser printer for serious protection.This protector guards your printer’s case and sensitive electronics from dust, moisture, static, oils, paints, children, pets and more. You will spend just a few moments buying this today. You can then spend more time making money and with your family, and less time spending money on new printers.

Computer Dust Solutions has been supplying quality printer covers to heavy industrial users and home consumers for over ten years. These printer protectors have evolved to meet the high tech demands of our diverse customers like you throughout the US and abroad.

-Advanced 0.2mm thick EVA vinyl material is durable yet remains supple down to -80 degrees F so installation and storage is a breeze
-Antistatic properties repel dust and moisture for a dry, clean printer
-3 Year Guarantee for peace of mind and confidence in your buying decision
-Translucent creamy coconut color and sky-blue trim adds a visually pleasing element to any home or office environment
-Non-toxic around children and pets so your loved ones stay safe
-Light weight and odor free compared to PVC
-Economical low-cost solution so you can afford to get matching covers for all of your equipment

-Compatible with most printer brands, including Dell, HP, Lexmark, Brother, Canon, Epson, and more
-Available in several sizes to ensure a good fit
-Just measure your printer and select a cover of the same or slightly larger dimensions
-Don’t forget to protect your CPU, monitor and keyboards as well with matching covers

Product Features

  • Antistatic: Scientifically advanced copolymer repels dust and moisture like rain off a duck’s back feathers
  • Cold-resistant : Supple and flexible down to -80° F so installation and storage is a breeze
  • Durable: Constructed of high tech 0.2mm EVA vinyl for long-lasting protection
  • 3-Year Smooth-As-Warm-Coconut Oil Guarantee for peace of mind and confidence in your buying decision
  • Cover Size (Inches): 17W x19H x20D

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DCFY – Makerbot Replicator Mini 3D Printer Dust Cover | Premium Quality

Dust is a printers worst nightmare! Our premium quality Makerbot Replicator Mini 3D Printer Dust Cover will protect your printer from cat hair, dog hair, dust and other kinds of nuisances that can shorten the lifespan of your printer.

All of our dust covers are custom made for each model of printer on the market, thus ensuring a nice fit for your printer. We don’t make ”One-Size Fits All” printer dust covers.

We buy material that is not manufactured overseas. Our customers have told us they don’t want the cheap nylon material or plastic type materials found in many computer printer dust covers on the market. Just like you they want something that looks professional, feels soft and does the job. In other-wards they want us to produce a higher class dust cover that meets their needs.

Some features of our Makerbot Replicator Mini 3D printer dust covers are:
* Premium Twill Serge Fabric – Made with a two-up and two-down weave.
* Easy to slip over your printer.
* Back-slit – To accommodate cords
* Easy to Clean – Machine washable and safe for the dryer.
* Custom Fit Ensured – Our measurements are direct from the manufacturers website.
* FREE SHIPPING in the United States is included.

Is the Makerbot Replicator Mini 3D Printer Dust Cover, not the one you need?
We make virtually every model out there. If you can’t find a listing for your particular dust cover, send us a message, we’ll have it made for you in no time!!

Product Features

  • Protect Your Printer From Dust, Animal Hair & More!
  • Custom Made Makerbot Printer Dust Covers – We Don’t Believe in ‘One Size Fits All’ Printer Dust Covers!
  • Premium Twill Serge Fabric – Made with a Two-up & Two-down Weave!
  • Easy to Clean! Machine Washable & Dryer Safe!
  • Back-Slit – Feed Cords Through Without Bunching!

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