HE3D Acrylic 3D Printer Tabletop Filament Holder for 1 spool used for ABS/PLA/wood/TPU/other 3D printing material

Product Material : acrylic
Package List: 1set of filament holder(Filament is not included)

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Industry 4.0, industrial robots & 3D printing are on the cusp of changing how manufacturing is done

We love predictions. We love the way they create awe-inspiring futures that we either welcome with great anticipation or fear with crippling horror. The bigger and bolder, the better. If it’s the future, it undoubtedly will be spectacular.

I still remember sitting in Mr. Carls’ fifth-grade class at St. Patrick Grade School when he informed us all that we would be alive in the year 2000. We all gasped and marveled at a time so distant, when summers would surely last forever and bubble gum would be free. Oh, how lucky we would be to live in the year 2000.

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Now that we’ve chugged past Y2K, not to mention the uneventful slide right through the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, we seem to have steered clear of destruction and are headed straight toward a future of flying self-driven cars (finally!) and underwater coastal cities, thanks to the rising oceans as the polar ice caps melt. The future has never loomed larger.

Data and communication are sure to play a huge role in that future. There’s no limit to the power of information and the algorithms and artificial intelligence that can turn it into actionable heroics. A recent report, “Industry 4.0 Demands the Co-Evolution of Workers and Manufacturing Operations,” penned by Dr. Irene Petrick, market innovation director, and Dr. Faith McCreary, principal engineer, Internet-of-Things Group at Intel, indicates that Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are quickly altering how products are manufactured. But, according to authors, who collected information from 145 manufacturing professionals, “When we envision intelligent factories of the future, we often put technology in a starring role, but technology alone will not ensure a successful transition to an intelligent factory.â€� The success of that transition is in the hands of factory personnel.

“Fully 98% of the workers who participated believed that they had direct or indirect influence over technology adoption and implementation decisions. These individuals are potential allies in the path to the future, if only we can harness their interest in change,� according to the report.

As many employees fear the impact of technology, futurists see a different path. The London School of Economics (LSE) published a study entitled, “Robots at Work,� on the use of industrial robots. “Productivity has improved by around 15% due to industrial robots,� said Guy Michaels, LSE’s head of research. “At the same time, the proportion of low-skilled labor dropped, and pay increased slightly. Industrial robots don’t have any significant impact on the number of employees overall.�

A recent study by the Centre for European Economic Research on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research revealed similar findings in the country with the world’s third-densest industrial robot workforce. The number of people employed in Germany reached 44 million in 2017, the highest figure since reunification (Figure 1). And the rapid spread of industrial robots hasn’t made a dent in employment figures.

“The modernization of production shifts hazardous, unhealthy and monotonous work to the machines,� explains Junji Tsuda, president of the International Federation of Robotics. “In the vast majority of cases, only certain activities of a job are automated and not the entire spectrum of an employee’s work.�

As much as big data and industrial robots may change manufacturing, 3D printing could make an even bigger ripple, with its localized production and batch-of-one capabilities. No one knows what lies in store, but, like death and taxes, technology is inevitable. Buckle up. Here comes the future.

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3D Printing Pen for Kids,3D Drawing Printer Pen DIY Pencil with 5 Color PLA Filaments Refills,LCD Display Screen Intelligent Low Temperature Control for Doodle Model Making Arts and Crafts(50M)


We have taken the art of 3D printing to the next level.With adjustable operating temperature,6-speed setting for the plastic thread feeder,and compatibility with different plastic filaments. You can use it equally effectively at work and at home.

KIDS AND ADULTS WILL LOVE OUR DRAWING 3D PEN:Whether you’re an experienced artist, novice crafter,or excited hobbyist,our Drawing 3D Pen is great for people of all ages.It makes a great gift for anyone who loves tech or artsy toys.

1.Creative Design:Creativity is at the core of our design principles. We aim to help you to be creative.

2.Development Craze:People of all ages can develop their spatial reasoning and more other mind skills that can enhance their academic performance.

3.Practical:Use your 3D Pen to fix your 3D Prints, create office accessories, candleholders and more!3D PRINTING PEN can do it all! Every pen comes with 5 FREE LOOPS of PLA plastic filament!

4.Learning:3D pens enable children to unlock and enhance your creativity, leading to considerable learning.

Competitive Cost:Our pen is priced competitively and you don’t have to break the bank to purchase it.

Note:All the 3D pens are heat when they are used for a long time.Under 8-year-old children should be accompanied by the use of adults.

Package includes:

1 × Magic 3d pen

5 × 10m * 1.75mm PLA Filaments with random colors

1 × Power Adapator(AC110-240V,DC12V 2A 24W)

1 × User Guide

Product Features

  • ✎【Advanced Technology】This 3d pen kit is equipped with advanced unclogging mechanism technology to prevent jamming. This also makes maintenance more convenient. So, for those who hate the maintenance part, it is effortless with our 3D printer pen.
  • ✎S【Tep-less Speed Control】This is for easier control of the pen.With our pen,you just have to slide down or slide up the control to speed up or slow down or achieve a speed in between.
  • ✎【Adjustable Temperature】Much like the speed, an adjustable temperature is important in this device, especially that this pen allows us to use PLA and ABS materials. We find this feature very helpful and smooth to use.
  • ✎【3D Pen With LCD Screen】Different materials need different temperatures to melt, that’s why adding an LCD screen makes it so much easier for the user. You need not wonder about the material or temperature with this pen anymore.
  • ✎【User-Friendly】This product is designed to be Fitted comfortably and naturally in the hands.It is safe for children 8 years old and above and is packed with useful attributes to make the process more enjoyable and convenient.

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MPA, Namic ink MOU to develop 3D printing applications for maritime sector

Wed, Apr 18, 2018 – 5:50 AM


THE Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster (Namic) have inked a memorandum of understanding to develop maritime applications related to digitalisation and advanced manufacturing in the private sector.