FYSETC 3D Printer Tools Kit Removal Tool 2 inch Putty Knife Set Stainless Steel Putty Tools Paint Scraper Blade Knife 3D Printing Parts

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Ergonomic comfort handle;
Strong and flexible;
Used for: Remove, Spreading, Scraping, Chipping and more;
Special Corner Round, will not hurt your hotbed surface when removed the model.

2 inch Drywall Knife
Handle Length: 4.3″/ 11 cm
Knife Length: 3.5″/ 9 cm
Knife Wide: 2 inch/ 5 cm

Package includes:
1 x 2 inch Putty Knife

Product Features

  • 3D Printer Professional DIY Must Parts: very thin blade, work well but won’t hurt your surface when remove the model from the print hotbed.
  • Size: 2 inch/ 5 cm
  • Material: Stainless Steel Knife, not easy rusted after use.
  • How to Clean the Knife: don’t wash it with water directly, or it will rusted easily, we suggest use with weakly-abrasive detergent ( Ether, benzene), or abrasive detergent wash.
  • After Sales Guarantee: each one desfective item can have the free replace or refund, need more help please feel free to email or QA us, we will try our best to service you.

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Spatula Palette Painting Knife Set – Bemaxy Professional Stainless Steel 3D Printing Tools Wood Grain Handle Putty Knife, 3D Printer Accessories – Set of 5

Save you all the hassle from the crappy plastic scrapper your printer came with!
They are great tool to go with your 3D printer — the long, flexible blade is rounded, making it safer for kids, effective with large printed items, and minimizes damage to the printing surface.
The different shapes makes it easier because of part variations.
stainless steel blade with wood handle
0.088 pounds/knife Package included:
5 x Spatula Palette Knife

Product Features

  • A Good addition to your 3D printer equipment. They make easier and safer to take out printed pieces out of the printer table, reducing risk of damaging the piece.
  • Useful – it also doubles as great cleaning tool for scraping off glue and various debris (with the aide of liquids like water and/or alcohol).
  • Five pallete knives painting knives set with different blade shapes and sizes, which can exchange use and slide flexibly under big parts and save your time.
  • Works well for PEI and PLA prints.
  • Make sure to keep it laid flat when removing prints from your platform.

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3D Print Removal Tool – Thick, Wood Grain Handle Putty Knife – Professional 3D Printing Tools

What if 3D Printing could be twice as easy?

Have you ever printed something awesome on your 3D printer only to struggle getting it off of the print bed? A successful print means not only that the design is made with the right materials, but also that it is transported off of the printer bed efficiently and effectively.

Don’t let your 3D prints ruin just because of how they stick to the print bed. Every successful maker, engineer, architect and artist knows that having the right tool is essential to getting the job done well.

Introducing….the artisan spirit of your 3D printer.

Made of carbon steel that is both flexible and durable, the 3D Print Removal Tool is an integral part of every professional maker’s arsenal.

• In order to remove prints off the printer bed, insert the tip of the 3D print removal tool underneath the print. Use a sawing motion with the blade to separate the print from the bed.
• Alternatively, if the print is firmly stuck push the edged tip of the tool underneath the print. This will bring the thicker part of the blade underneath the object. Use the wood handle as a lever to pry the part off of the bed.

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Product Features

  • Makes 3D Printing Twice As Easy!
  • Carbon Steel Blade
  • Does Not Break
  • Strong And Stiff
  • Will Not Scar The Print Bed Surface

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