KIMME 1pcs 3D Printer Accessories 310310mm 220V 750W Silicone Rubber Heated Bed CR-10 Silicone Heating pad

KIMME 1pcs 3D printer accessories 310*310mm 220V 750W silicone rubber heated bed CR-10 silicone heating pad

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MakerHawk 20 Sets Anti-Vibration Rubber Landing Mat Feet, T Sliding Nut Block Square Nuts, M3 Screws with 1pc Wrench 3D Printer Accessories for 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Profile

20 Sets Anti-vibration Rubber Landing Mat Feet, T Sliding Nut Block Square Nuts, M3 Screws with 1pc Wrench 3D Printer Accessories for 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Profile

Colour: Black
material: Rubber
Function: Anti-vibration, Anti-friction to protect the printer(when the printer is in direct contact with the desktop or the ground, it will be weared out.)
Quantity: 20 sets

T Nut M3:
Material: Metal
Used for T slot 2020 aluminum extrusions
3D printer hardware accessories
Size: 10 * 10 * 5mm, Slot Width: 6mm; Thread Diameter: 3mm (m3)

How to install:
1.If you use in the 3D printer, which need the 4x Anti-vibration feet
2.Turn the YZ frame on the side and insert the antivibration foot inclined, then rotate the foot until you squish the rim inside the extrusion.
3.Repeat this process on all 4 feet. Place them 2-3 cm from the end of each extrusion.

Package Including
20 * Antivibration feet
20 * 2020 T Sliding Nut Block Square nuts M3
20 * M3 screws
1 * Wrench

Product Features

  • High Quality! Made of rubber, strong and durable, long service life.
  • Function: Shockproof, Anti-friction, to protect the printer.
  • Used for T slot 2020 aluminum extrusions, 3D printer hardware accessories.
  • .Package Contents: 20pcs anti-vibration feet, 20pcs 2020 T Sliding Nut Block Square nuts M3, 20pcs M3 screws, and a wrench as a gift for you.
  • Strong After-sales Service Team: As long as you have any questions about the product, we will resolve your issue immediately if received your email, your satisfactory purchase experience is our greatest hope! How to email us? Plz click “MakerHawk-US” and click “Ask a question” to email us! Looking forward to your consultation!

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Gadget Nerds Rubber Comfort Grip 3D Print Removal Tool (Black)

Gadget Nerds is collective of tinkerers and nerds. We don’t just sell the stuff, we use it every day. Buy with confidence knowing that you are buying from people who actually know what the hell you are talking about.

Our tool is a response to the putty knives posing as 3D Print Tools. Granted our product looks the same, but we made deliberate design decisions like over molding the blade into the handle and featuring a rubber comfort grip. We’ve also put it through its paces and found it to be difficult for the tool to break unless you’re being a Hulk.

This is a great compliment to go with your 3D printer. The long, thin, flexible blade is rounded making it safe for kids to use. It’s thin enough to get between the print bed and your raft or print. This simple tool helps with the struggle on stuck on 3D prints. Please note this is to loosen the print from the bed. It is not a scraper style for tough stuck on prints. It will function just fine, but it’s not a pry bar. If you are experiencing tough stuck on prints, you may want to re-level your bed and adjust your Z axis accordingly.

Any seller other than ‘Gray Caravan Co.’ attempting to resell on this listing are selling counterfeit goods. Please report these sales to immediately and request a refund.

Product comes with a 1 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty. Warranty upheld only by ‘Gray Caravan Co.’

Product Features

  • 4″ long flexible blade (.045″ thick) wrapped in a sturdy black rubber comfort grip handle.
  • Unlike other putty knives posing as “3D Print Removal Tools” our handle is built to last. We over mold the handle onto a 1.5″ tang for maximum resiliency.
  • Our thin blade allows you to safely remove your print or raft from the print bed with ease. Avoid damaged to your print bed and use one of our tools.
  • Doubles as a print bed leveling tool or nozzle drool remover. No more burned fingers or uneven printing.
  • Buy with confidence from enthusiasts just like you. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and our product is backed by our World Class Customer Service.

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WER Sublimation Vacuum Silicone Film 3D Sublimation Replacement Rubber Film(3 pack)

Name: High temperature vacuum silicone
Material: silicone
Features: high softness, high temperature, can be used repeatedly
Thickness: 0.2 (mm)
Size: (L * W) 45 * 33 (cm)
color: white
Resistance: 1 (?)
Tensile strength: 1 (Mpa)
Scope: 3D vacuum heat transfer machine
Gross weight: 200g

Product Features

  • 3pcs new High temperature silicone film
  • This high temperature silicon film is an accessory of 3D Vacuum Sublimation Machine.
  • Color:White.
  • Please feel free to order and use!

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