#4-40 x 0.135″ Qty 50 Threaded Heat-Set Inserts used for connecting 3D printed and injection molded parts.

If you’ve done 3D printing, then you most likely have tried to connect some parts. Perhaps it’s an enclosure for an electronics project and mounting a circuit board to protect it. Maybe it’s a robotics or RC car project. Alternatively, you might be a professional architect or engineer modeling a prototype product. Using screws to tap straight into plastic might work once if the connection does not need to be too strong and doesn’t have to come apart. If you ever need to disassemble and reassemble multiple times, then you need to raise your game to include brass heat-set inserts. Brass inserts have small threads inside that hold #4-40 machine screws tightly. They have ridges and bumps on the outside to allow the melted plastic to wrap around, holding the insert tight into the plastic piece. Using a soldering iron with a special installation tip (search Amazon for B078K72615 ) makes it easy to install the inserts and extract the heated tip consistently without pulling the insert out of the plastic and ruining the part. Once the insert is installed you will have a much more robust and reusable way to connect 3D printed parts.

Product Features

  • Brass inserts help you to connect your 3D printed parts and enclosures.
  • Press into 3D printed parts with heated tip (Virtjoule installation tips ASN: B078K72615 ). Tip with insert on it melts plastic and forms tight bond. You can then use a #4-40 machine screw giving a strong connection.
  • Your 3D printed parts can be more easily assembled and disassembled multiple times. Placing a screw into regular plastic does not hold as well and will likely strip the plastic if done more than once, making it hard to reassemble with any connection strength.
  • With a 0.135″ length, these inserts are short and are most useful for parts that have limited space to mount or connect 3D printed objects. The #4-40 size allows for a small, but useful size machine screw that can be found at most hardware stores.
  • Useful for mounting circuit boards into 3D printed enclosures.

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HE3D Acrylic 3D Printer Tabletop Filament Holder for 1 spool used for ABS/PLA/wood/TPU/other 3D printing material

Product Material : acrylic
Package List: 1set of filament holder(Filament is not included)

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Venel Electronic Component,Overlord 3D Printer Belt Tensioning Block,The Accessories Are Belt Tensioning Blocks, Used to Adjust The Tightness of The Belt. For Overlord and Overlord PRO.


Overlord 3D printer belt tensioning block,The accessories are belt tensioning blocks, used to adjust the tightness of the belt. For Overlord and Overlord Pro.

Technical Specifications

– Material: ABS

Distribution List

Overlord 3D printer belt tensioning block * 1

Product Features

  • Overlord 3D printer belt tensioning block,The accessories are belt tensioning blocks, used to adjust the tightness of the belt. For Overlord and Overlord Pro.
  • Material: ABS

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Angelelec DIY Open Sources Cartridge Heater, Cartridge Heater for Overlord 3D Printer, 60W High Performance Heater, Widely Used in Mould Processing, Manufacturing and Someplace Need High Temperature.


Size: ¦µ3 mm * 10 mm (0.19″ * 0.39″)

Voltage: 24V

Power: 60W

Heattoup time: Less Than 15min

Distribution List

1 * Cartridge Heater for OverLord 3D Printer

Product Features

  • This is a 60W high performance heater. It is widely used in mould processing, manufacturing and someplace which need high temperature.
  • “It is also an original conponent for OverLord 3D Printer, compatible with both the OverLord and OverLord Pro. “

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